The Fred Legrys Memorial Perpetual Award (a year’s custody of a large silver bowl plus permanent possession of a smaller one) will go to the high-point horse and rider combination at show’s end.
Fred, a beloved former president of the P.V.F.D., was pivotal in planning, organizing and conducting this horse show for years.
The Philomont Volunteer Fire Department Chief’s Challenge Trophy rewards the high-point pony and rider combination. It honors the volunteers who have given so much of their time to serve as Chief of the Department. Members who have served as Chief in recent years include: Stanley Lickey Sr, William Schwartz, Pete West, Edward Zimmerman, Nick Croce, and Rick Pearsall. The trophy will be retired if won three consecutive years by the same pony-rider combination.
The June Adams Memorial Sportsmanship Award, an engraved Revere bowl, is a tribute to the show’s longtime secretary. It recognizes the spirit of the show, which June embodied. The recipient will have custody of the bowl for one year plus a memento to keep.
The Ketterman’s Jewelers “Always Elegant” perpetual Award will be awarded to the “Best Dressed” horse and rider combination. Photos of the winners will be preserved in a photo-album style award.