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The Philomont Volunteer Fire Department is a 501(c3) non-profit corporation in the State of Virginia. The organization is composed of a Board of Directors, an administrative staff, and an operational staff. There are also standing committees who perform specific duties and responsibilities of the fire department.

The Philomont Fire Department has a membership recruitment program. There are six classes of membership; active, supportive, life, temporary supportive, associate and junior. Not all members fight fires. Many are involved only with the many support functions. Individuals interested in becoming a member of the Philomont Volunteer Fire Department should contact the President or Chief or e-mail us.

Company Business meetings are held the 4th Wednesday from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The public is welcome to attend these meetings.

The Board of Directors is composed of leaders in the community and is responsible for oversight for all business affairs of the Philomont Fire Department Corporation.

Doug Frost – Chairman

Peter Rinek

Steve Watts

Pete West

Rick Pearsall

Eric Shank

Chris Young

The administrative staff is composed of a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and administrative membership. The administrative staff is responsible for carrying out the general day-to-day business of the fire department.   The operational staff is composed of officers of the fire department and the operational membership. The operational staff is responsible for carrying out the “fire fighting and rescue business” of the fire department. NOTE: (L) indicates a Life Member.


Chris Young – Administrative Director/President (Presco08@loudoun.gov)

Bob Fallin – Assistant Administrative Director

Eric Shank – Treasurer

Angie Snell – Secretary

Rick Pearsall – Chief (FChief08@loudoun.gov)

Peter West – Assistant Chief


Karen Aronhalt (L)

Richard Cockrill (L)

Nick Croce (L)

John Erickson

Tom Finnen

Rodney Krone (L)

Don Larson (L)

Stanley Lickey Sr (L)

Stanley Lickey Jr (L)

Christy McMann

Bill Oscanyan (L)

Joe Payne (L)

Hirst Pearson (L)

Billy Rajca (L)

Paul Roxenburg (L)

Gil Whitson (L)

Edward Zimmerman

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To read the name list of the over 220 past members.


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